axumit-it support for Non-profit


The goals of charity and not-for-profit organisations might be different from those of commercial businesses, but they grapple with many of the same challenges. And the search for increased efficiency, lower overheads and greater return on investment assumes even more importance when you’re doing everything possible to raise maximum revenue for your chosen cause. We provide market-leading IT systems and cost-effective IT support to help you do just that.

Expert IT support, 24/7/365

IT complaints don’t care what time of day it is. We’ll keep everything running smoothly and minimise the impact of disturbances with 24/7 systems support. Our case management statistics show that we resolve most new cases within 4 hours and close almost 100% of cases within 24 hours. But we don’t just fix emergencies. Our IT Management team can alert you to any technological advances that could be used to make your organisation more efficient.
The reason we’re so committed? Like you, we think the work of the charity sector is crucial.