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AxumiT Consulting offers a comprehensive range of IT Services in California and Africa to support businesses of all sizes. Our IT Consultancy services like Microsoft, Apple, and Cisco Network Consulting or IT Outsourcing can help your business utilise the benefits of information technology to become more efficient, productive and therefore, more profitable.

Offering cost-effective IT Services, AxumiT Consulting can deliver a service that will suit your organisation’s needs, regardless of business size or industry sector. We work with you to understand your challenges, then define and implement IT service solutions to meet your individual needs. If data storage is key to your business consider a Storage Area Network (SAN) for example. If system availability is crucial to your business our network monitoring platform can issue an alert, thus preventing a problem.

Cutting information technology expenses, whilst maintaining market position over the competition, is essential. This is why AxumiT Consulting is focused on providing an IT service that reduces costs, whilst delivering sufficient flexibility and scalability to ensure you survive in an ever changing market and also expand in the future.

We have an extensive experience under IT Network, Server management and Installation, which combined with IT Network Management and Network Monitoring give us the capacity to design and implement any data centre. Our IT Project Management services guarantee different IT Projects will be delivered on time and with pre-defined resources.

Our IT Services include:

  • Professional IT Consulting - AxumiT can support businesses of any type and size with personalised levels of service, ensuring all your IT challenges will be meet both now and in the future;
  • Cisco Network Consulting – We give expert advice; review, design and build secure Cisco Networks; choose the right product for different needs then deploy and manage it. With Cisco solutions return on investment can be significant;
  • Network Monitoring – We can provide a system which alerts whenever something is wrong (virus or malware infections, crushed servers or power outages). Our own network monitoring system is based on Red Hat Linux, Cisco Network and open-source software;
  • IT Outsourcing – Through outsourcing IT infrastructure, value and efficiency of any business can be increased, costs are also reduced while allowing access to  and the advantage of, the very  latest technologies;
  • Cisco Switch and Routing - Cisco switches provide number of data centre level features. To enable various companies to utilise Cisco Nexus switches to its best potential AxumiT IT Consulting provides dedicated Cisco Nexus Consultancy services;
  • IT Network Management – Your network will always be up and running. Any problems will be spotted and dealt with. We will also maintain, upgrade and repair as necessary. Our services include security, improved performance and reliability of your network;
  • IT Project Management – Strong technical project management is fundamental to the success of any implementation. We understand how important delivery within an agreed timescale and budget is, to the success of your business. AxumiT have experience and expertise in managing and providing a wide range of high-quality, complex and extremely high-profile projects;
  • Storage Area Networks – If you want to move away from traditional file servers to more sophisticated Storage Area Network solutions, AxumiT can arrange this. SAN offers good means to deal with very increasing amount of data and 24/7 availability;
  • IT Network and Server Installation - AxumiT provides expert IT network and server installation to match the exact needs of any organisation. Correct Network installation is a must to avoid wasted time and troubleshooting problems. Our knowledge and experience gives us the confidence to offer expert network installation.


Vendor Independent IT Consulting

AxumiT Project Management brings specialist capacity and expertise to you and facilitate and coordinate third parties, including vendors and suppliers, to ensure they meet their commitments to the end user